In ‘Could Have Had It All’, we wanted to explore the themes of masculinity, identity and empathy. It first stemmed from the hundreds of women's testimonies that came out in March 2021 after Sarah Everard's death, explaining their experiences in bars and clubs and the dynamics between them, men and bouncers.This got us to thinking about the image that bouncers are told they have to incarnate. Hard, authoritarian, unshakable. We felt that bouncers were probably stifled and impeded by what they are expected to be, act, and look like.In the video for ‘Could Have Had It All’, our protagonist lets all of these conventions go and explores a side of himself that he usually has to suppress. Through this moment of unhindered self-discovery, he finds a truer and happier version of himself before having to step back into the socially approved persona.We hope that in the future, diverse versions of ourselves can be accepted as a whole, instead of having to put them on and take them off depending on what social conventions dictate. Hopefully, once we have all accepted these different sides of our identity, we will be able to find more common ground to connect to each other, feel more empathy towards other people's experiences and therefore be better allies to one another.

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